Monday, August 9, 2010

Disaster Disaster

The greatest ecological disaster in history of the United States of American ended last week. The consequences, of course, are grave. The oil has evaporated, and only two pelicans got tarred, but the economy of Louisiana has been closed the prudent ban on off-shore drilling. The Louisiana judges keep throwing it out, but it keeps coming back, to really make sure we are safe from another, and certainly worse, man-made ecological disaster. Indeed: each new disaster seems to be worst than the last (how does that work?) even when it ends in a whimper.

These man-made natural disasters seem to be escaping all human control…


  1. It will be difficult to see reality though all of these charades.

  2. Reality? That's simple enough. Man is, and has always been, insignificant in terms of the planet, but, on the other hand, important in the eyes of God, who asks that we live in a manner pleasing to Him. The dictates of the Eco-Hegemonists are another matter...