Saturday, August 14, 2010

Doom, and also Gloom

It’s one thing to throw Obama out of office, along with other anti-American perverters of constitutional principles. After all, these folk have been at it a long time, and they have not destroyed American yet. But we have reached a point where things like a supreme court packed with Elena Kagans, taxpayer responsibility for auto worker pensions, a likely massive new population of regularized “citizens”, a perverted financial and insurance system snared in bloated bureaucracy busy regularizing enclaves of sharia compliance and micro-managing civil life, as well as a debt unlike any ever dreamed of in the history of the universe, give the problem a new dimension.

A responsible government can back out of many things, but I fear that properly fixing the thing is starting to imply civil war. The quarrel over slavery was only tactically about state’s rights and not fundamentally about morality. The basic question was whether Negroes were really people, in the full sense. But the slave owners - this seems obvious - were more concerned about maintaining their situation than scoring theoretical points. After all, even if it had been accepted that Negros are not really people, this does not automatically imply they ought to be treated as property. There are many kinds of discriminations thoughout history which did not result in slavery, and slavery, historically, did not depend on dehumanization. On most constitutional, as well as religious and sexual matters, there was broad agreement in north and south.

Today the situation, on the theoretically plane, is much more sever. Americans are divided into two camps of profoundly opposed views in vital areas. The situation is unstable, and will not persist indefinitely. Furthermore, the forces are not equal. Though the left, or what might be called the Sodomites, hold much high ground, they are a minority. If the Anti-sodomites find effective leadership, or if the Sodomites fail to pull back and moderate, there may be “hell to pay”. The knuckle dragging, church-going, beer swilling, gun-owning, NASCAR watching hordes are restless.

The doctrine of the “living constitution” is now revealed for what it always was: a total lack of interest, concern or respect for each specific constitutional provision and protection, as well as for the spirit of that document, and for the Declaration. There may be common ground for moderated laws on abortion and capital punishment, but contemporary anti-clericalism, “gay rights” activism and La Raza boosterism seem radicalized beyond hope of reconciliation.

Europe is in a similar situation, though here it is less explosive because the ruling Sodomites are - amazing as this may seems - more moderate and prudent than their American counterparts. And the European population is softer and more perverted than its American counterpart. Still, the imbalance is sufficient to wreak the EU, and the real problems - which are more severe than in America - may well end up being treated though some degree of violence.

Enjoy the last moments of this halcyon era, children, while it lasts!


  1. A new civil war? With leftists and right wingers clearing identified in opposing armies meeting in battle? It would never happen. If it came down to that, everyone would claim to be a right winger.

  2. I could see states leaving the union. A call to all military men from that state to choose. A state military quickly forming and armed aggression made by the federal government with the US military. Maybe more than one state drops out and these make alliances. If people new it was over the basic philosophical line, then many today would decide to move into states that left the union to help them stand against the feds. This would be desirable to me, because I view leftists as evil and parasites we need to fight off. Killing or isolating them is a good thing in my mind. I am not one to defend the rights of someone just because they are alive, they have to be respectable. Meaning, they must respect my 100% ownership of myself, and promote no pretense for making a claim on me. This does not include claims based on my own agreements. That is pretty much the essence of it.

  3. Gee, I sound extreme as I read my own post. Oh well..
    I should add, requests for charity are not claims on me, at least not as i mean. And, I should also say I still try to get along despite my strong opinion stated above. I alway have a hope it will make a difference, and I guess I will always do so to some extent, though less I guess than Paul. Paul seems to see more potential in diplomacy than I do.

  4. Some people cannot be convinced. But some can.