Monday, June 28, 2010

McCrystal Stoned, Obama Stupid

McCrystal reminds me of officer Crowley, the guy who arrested that black Harvard professor, and got called “stupid” by Obama.
Both men are Obama voters, and both behaved stupidly. Both are “professionals” - McCrystal is even a 4 star general - and I do not doubt that both not stupid in their areas.
But why did McCrystal have anything to do with Rolling Stone? There are lots of theories; mine is that Rolling Stone was no problem for McCrystal (whether its reporter was imposed, or he accepted him). The manipulation theories are absurd. What does McCrystal, or the army, or the war in Afghanistan, get from this? Is not McCrystal a Patreus/surge/Anbar-awakening guy to begin with? Does putting Patreus in his place change anything basic?

McCrystal is another one of those millions and millions of mostly left-leaning people who can’t understand that a rag like Rolling Stone has an agenda hostile to their essential interests, and to them personally for being attached to them. In this sense he is “stupid”.

As has been pointed out, and in spite of the hosannas, Obama makes himself look stupid by firing McCrystal for a few cracks reported in some stupid paper, and makes himself look even stupider by turning to Patreus whom he previously ridiculed. This, the still open Guantanamo, and that drone attacks in Pakistan are on the rise since he has become president, does not help.

What is Petreus’ game? Is it stupid to have accepted responsibility for the Afghan war? He must think he can win - under present or foreseeable conditions. If not…

Art Talk

Here are several recent posts about art.
I think I have finally had enough of the Natural Pigments board, where too many of the active posters are trolls, and the rest are cowards. Anyway, on my board can be found comments about "classical realism", a primer on composition, and other things.

Riot Wave Cover up in Paris

The French media, it seems, is covering up recent Muslim riots in Paris. For example, excited by the Gaza "relief" fleet incident, a large group wearing Arab scarves and displaying foreign flags attempted to storm the embassy of Israel, to cries of "Baise la France" (Fuck France), "Juifs dans les fours" (Jews in the ovens), "Sarkozy le petit Juif" (Sarkozy the little Jew) and "Obama le nègre des Juifs" (Obama the slave of the Jews). These thugs come armed with rocks and cause the usual millions of dollars of damage to public and private property, while the police, overwhelmed, use "restraint".  
Such riots, organized with cell phones, are like the ethnic gang fights and skin-head soccer fan rumbles which occur regularly in Paris and other cities in France and Europe. France, you might say, has seen plenty of organized urban violence, much of which failed to shake the established order. But then much of it did; one must look particularly to the examples where the army and police were not allowed to fire upon the rioters.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Futuristic Science Saves Mexican Gulf

BP announced that a so called "portal" - developed by a consortium of engineers from Haliburton and Stevens Institute of Technology - has been lowered around the oil leak. This "portal" opens into the 18th dimension, otherwise known as the "cosmic nexus", according to BP engineers. Initial measurements show that the portal is absorbing 100% of the oil, so that the sub-sea camera now shows a placid ocean floor.

The estimated 71 million gallons of oil, mixed with mud, natural gas and other materials, is now directly under the control of God, or, as some experts claim, a mindless but universal law or system of distribution. However this may be, at 8:37 this morning oil and detritus of exactly the same composition as was leaking into the gulf, began dropping out of the sky onto Washington D.C., directly onto the White House, which has been partially evacuated. The first family remains in residences, though the windows of the Oval office have been blocked by the flow of crude. The oil is running off the roof and flooding the east lawn, from where it is oozing out onto Pennsylvania avenue, blocking traffic and disrupting protest marches.

Though BP's action has saved the Mexican gulf region, president Obama's troubles are not over. President Obama has ordered Eric Holder to investigate pope Benedict XVI with a view to criminal inditement on charges of aggravated littering, as well as physical, psychic and metaphysical aggression. But according to unidentified inside sources the administration is torn in a bitter controversy over the existence of God. In a press conference hastily convened this morning, Janet Napolitano emphasized that, while action against the Vatican was good policy for a variety of reasons, it would avail nothing in the present crisis. Nature, Napolitano claims, is the guilty one. Napolitano proposes a punitive subterranean nuclear explosion if the oil is not diverted away from Washington, perhaps to the asteroid belt from where it may later be collected and used in a deep-space mission. She also proposes to indite BP on charges of conspiracy with Nature. This is a dramatic change of policy direction for the ultra-green and anti-nuclear Napolitano.

No commentary from the Vatican is available, but the AAC (American Atheist Conference) quickly denounced Napolitano's proposal, calling it "the vindictive fantasy of an ignoramus". The AAC donated 3 million dollars to president Obama's presidential campaign.