Monday, June 28, 2010

Art Talk

Here are several recent posts about art.
I think I have finally had enough of the Natural Pigments board, where too many of the active posters are trolls, and the rest are cowards. Anyway, on my board can be found comments about "classical realism", a primer on composition, and other things.

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  1. I've read a lot of your stuff on NP's forum, and you sometimes came off overly dramatic, really verbose and puffed up. You hardly ever seemed to be interested or open to anyone's differing opinion and were so cock-sure you were the "right" one, (like there is such a thing). I never posted while you were there, I just started reading there over the last couple weeks. You came off, at least to me, just as an over-sized ego, and so long winded that it was hard to read it all. Plus, I've looked at your paintings, and they don't support an ego like that. I didn't see the others as "cowards" or "trolls", I thought they were very patient with you considering the arrogance you seemed to display. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how it came off to me. Online forums are tuff, especially if you are trying SO HARD...I know you want to be excellent at art, but ego is holding you back. Remember that line from "Rembrandt 1936", "Vanities of vanities..." You might think I'm just another "troll", but hey, I cared enough to come to your site, look at your work, and write this...and I bet you are a pretty cool person in "real life", I think online stuff brings out our "demons" sometimes. Anyway, come back to NP, it would be neat.