Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crowley WAS stupid

I know, if possible, even less about this foolishness than all the oombahs mouthing-off about it, but since my own view is somewhat different from any I’ve heard so far, here it is.
Gates is obviously a pathetic parasite to whom Harvard has given a wonderful chance to live a beautiful fantasy. That fantasy is based on a more fundamental fantasy, and the Boston police just gave Gates the opportunity to live that one, which he did. It was likewise the occasion for our president to do a bit of vicarious living himself. After underlying that America continues to be a racist nightmare, he stipulated that the cop acted stupidly. The radio hornets are now buzzing furiously.
Now a guy who actually teaches a class on ‘racial profiling’ is not only an Obama voter (which Crowley is) but can hardly be anything less than a full-bore leftist. Leftism, particularly on the contemporary American scene, is fundamentally about something which used to be a religious matter: ‘justification’. Being of the left, having leftist opinions and thinking leftist thoughts, is really about being a good person, in one’s own eyes. Even more fundamentally it is about being a better person than the next guy. So when a policemen, who is mandated to exercise force against the citizenry, is soaked in this attitude, the result is the sort of bumptious and self-righteous snottyness apparently displayed by Crowley. What could possibly be gained by leading away that fool in handcuffs, except some sort of personal gratification? Gates menaced Crowley, and Crowley trumped him. If Gate's behavior was actually illegal (and it obviously must be illegal to behave to policemen in certain ways) was there no way to bring this home to Gates without arresting him on the spot? The robbery issue had been settled; Gates, with infinitely poor grace, had identified himself to the officer’s satisfaction.